Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Your Moment: {Peter and Ashley}

Peter and Ashley recently enjoyed a day in Downtown Columbia, celebrating their engagement. It was fun to follow along and capture some sweet and funny moments.

Ashley shows off her bling!

Peter loves books, so we ducked into Get Lost Bookshop in Downtown CoMo. Ashley found an engrossing read:

Shocking and important information for all newlyweds!

Some serendipitous graffiti. The writing is on the wall: these two belong together!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little success, a little failure

So friends, I had to reset my count-up widget. I shopped today. After cleaning out my closet in January, I wanted to see how long I could go without shopping for anything I didn't need. Here's how that little experiment went:

In the last 98 days since I shopped needlessly:

- I found out I was pregnant and I'm now 16 weeks. Thus, I did allow myself to by a small number of maternity items once my regular jeans got a little snug. Overall I bought 2 new items that were on clearance, and 4 second hand items. I also was given some items by my sister in law, and made 1 maternity shirt.

- I discovered that finding an attractive and comfortable maternity bridesmaid dress is hard, so I made one.

- My brother got engaged and set his wedding date for June 16, so I made a dress for that too. I needed a white sweater to go over it, and seeing as how I don't know how to knit, I did allow myself to buy one. It was actually kinda fun and freeing heading to the mall with something specific in mind. In fact, it became a little game to see how many white sweaters I could find. I found 15 at just JC Penney! I only bought 1 though, of course, because that's all I needed.

Does anyone really need 15 white sweaters to choose from?
Today, though, I went shopping to help my mom find an outfit for my brother's wedding, and I ended up buying a comfy cardigan that was on clearance. I do think I will wear it a lot, so I am glad I bought it. But since I didn't specifically notice a need and set out to purchase something to fill it, I'm reseting the clock on my experiment. But I'm back on the bandwagon! I want to continue to exercise discretion in my purchasing, both for financial reasons and space reasons. I want to own my stuff, rather than having my stuff own me, and part of that is making sure I don't have too much of it to take care of.