Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

So I had blocked off the entire day to get the car to the shop and then go stand in line for 5 hours at the DMV... however it turns out the DMV took about 5 minutes! So, I did some thrift shopping. I figured I haven't updated this blog in a while... might as well use it to talk about thrifting (both for clothes and other stuff).

Today's Finds

Marisa Baratelli Silk Dress $10
It looks like these dresses are quite expensive new. Used ones are going for $50-$130 on eBay. I will probably wear it for an extra special date night, and then maybe sell it or re-donate it. 

Banana Republic $6

I LOVE this dress... could be worn for school/work with a cami underneath and a blazer on top, or by itself for a date night. Banana Republic dresses run about $130 new, so I was pretty happy with this score!
Sonoma Life + Style print henley $4

It's not often I find knit tops at thrift stores. They are usually too worn. One of my favorite things about buying second hand is that you are seeing the garment as it will be: laundered, probably not freshly ironed. It is a great way to build a low maintenance wardrobe.
Chico's flowy tunic $7
This was a little higher than I am sometimes willing to pay... but I have been looking for this exact item to the point I was willing to buy it new... so $7 it is!
American Living paisley button down $4

This blouse has navy, a denim-y color, as well as coral and white, so it will go with a TON of my wardrobe. 
CHAUS striped blouse $2
Can be dressed up or down. 
Unknown brand $3

I actually found this last top last week while shopping with my mom.

Books for the little

Henry LOVES Dora, and is learning quite a bit of spanish lately. The Egg book is a Lift-the-Flap book, which was amazingly in good condition.

Looking at a Lift-the-Flap book with Gangie

My Tips for Thrifting:

1. Be picky - make sure it fits, make sure it is in good condition, and make sure it will go with several things you already have/be able to be worn several times/ways. If you aren't picky when you thrift, you will outgrow your closet really fast. I once heard that every item you purchase costs the money you pay for it, the space you store it in, and the hassle of discarding it once you are through with it. Factoring those concepts into your cost helps you be picky!

2. Have a color scheme. Mine, loosely speaking, is coral, navy, and mint, with turquoise accessories. My main neutrals are black, denim, and cognac. I don't stick to it religiously, but it helps when looking through an overwhelming selection at a thrift store. I glance over the rack for my colors, and go from there. 

3. Look for non-knit items, such as a polyester crepe. The colors remain vibrant, the launder well, and don't wrinkle. 

4. Look at more than just clothes. I've had great luck finding children's books at thrift stores. You need to closely inspect each page to make sure it is in acceptable condition. I haven't had a lot of luck with children's clothing - it tends to be worn out, and not that much cheaper than buying new on clearance. 

5. Pay it forward - Once you are done with an item, re-donate it for someone else to love!

Outfit ideas with today's finds

Thrifty Thursday Ideas

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Virtual Closet: Chunky Necklaces

I made a bunch of these chunky necklaces this weekend using large acrylic beads from Eden Craft Supply. I highly recommend them!

Pendant from JoAnn's