Not Not Knot Theory Earrings (free pattern)

I started this blog to catalog my creative endeavors, as opposed to my math related ones (because math, in one form or another, is my profession). 

Well, here we have a collision of the two. Specifically, I called upon a branch of mathematics called Knot Theory to create this pattern. It's not not math. So I present: 

Not Not Knot Theory Earrings

These earrings consist of 3 crochet open circles, assembled in a way such that no two of the rings are interlocking with each other, but the 3 together cannot be separated. These are called Borromean rings. Worked in 3 contrasting colors, these are great for showing team spirit, or just showcasing your favorite hues.

1mm crochet hook
3 colors of size 30 crochet thread
Earring findings (hooks, huggies, or stud blanks, wire or jump rings)
Fabric glue or mod podge

Stitch abbreviations

Sl st = slip stitch

D-Ch = double chain

Sc = single crochet

Dc = double crochet

Beg-dc = Beginning double crochet

Special Stitch: Double Chain (D-Ch)

Begin with a long tail and a slip knot. Hold slip knot in place firmly, and loop long tail over hook towards working yarn. Loop working yarn over hook towards you, and pull through two loops. Continue looping long tail over the hook towards working yarn, then pulling working yarn through two loops.

Video Tutorial for the double chain by naztazia on Youtube

Special Stitch: Beginning Double Crochet (Beg-dc)

Insert hook and pull up a loop. YO and pull through 2 loops. Insert hook into vertical bar of the sc you just completed, and pull up a loop. YO and pull through 2 loops.

Pattern for each ring:

Begin with a slip knot and a long tail (about 10 in)
D-Ch 25, sl st into beginning ch to form a ring

Round 1: 
Working over the foundation ring and the tail, sc 36, sl st to join

Round 2: 
Begin with Beg-dc, dc in next stitch, 2 dc in next st. Repeat **DC in sc, DC in sc, 2DC in sc** around the rest of the ring. 

Finishing: Do not slip stitch to join. Cut working yarn and pull through. Use needle to thread tail through the Beg-dc, and then back through the back loop and back bar of the last dc. Weave ends towards center of ring, and weave through the single crochets worked in Round 1. 


Complete 4 (2 each of 2 colors) rings as described in pattern. Save the lightest color for last, as the last ring will be the most difficult.

For the last 2 rings (of the 3rd color), complete the foundation double chain, but do not sl st to join.

Lay the complete rings, next to one another, somewhat overlapping. 

Weave foundation chain on top of one ring, and below the other: 

1. Dark purple on top of but not linked with light purple.
2. White foundation chain is laid on top of the right hand side of the dark purple
3. White foundation chain is threaded under light purple
4. White foundation chain is threaded over dark purple
5. White foundation chain is threaded under light purple.

Keeping this set up, sl st foundation chain closed

Complete the third ring, continuing with Round 1 of the pattern. Rotate the white ring every few stitches to keep the area you are working accessible. The below photos are the 2nd earring, which I chose to mirror rather than make identical.

 Once complete, rotate the rings so that the joined stitches are hidden behind an overlapping ring:

Lastly, steam block (if using cotton), or use a stiffener (such as diluted mod podge) to lock position of rings in place. Add earring findings according to preference. For studs, I covered a stud blank front and back with a simple triple crochet circle, whip stitched together, and then glued to the finished motif.



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